community forums

Coming Together for Poverty Reduction

Cover the Coast recently partnered with The Poverty Reduction Strategy Project to host three virtual forums that brought community members  together to learn about issues impacting poverty on the Sunshine Coast.  The purpose of these forums was to develop a shared vision of a healthy, caring, and fair community, and a commitment to take action and embrace changes required to address these issues.

Each Forum was directed towards a different regional area: Gibsons, Sechelt, and Rural Areas.

The Poverty Reduction Strategy is a 9-month project that aims to:

  • understand what contributes to poverty on the Sunshine Coast
  • develop action plans to build a healthy community
  • identify champions for poverty reduction work

The next step for the Poverty Reduction Strategy is to produce a formal report of their findings, which will be shared in June 2021.


At least one in five children on the Sunshine Coast is living in poverty.

Housing availability and affordability are the critical issues affecting poverty on the Sunshine Coast.

There has been a 40% increase in demand for Food Bank in the last few years.

Businesses and services cannot find staff to hire due to lack of housing and childcare.