building an affordable housing community

Cover The Coast

Working to build a more connected, strategically aligned, and supported affordable housing community on the Sunshine Coast.

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About the project


Deer Crossing the Art Farm is leading a new initiative that aims to build a more connected, strategically aligned, and supported affordable housing community. In partnership with Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society, the team will work to improve our understanding of current housing initiatives, reveal common barriers, identify areas for collective impact, and share this with the greater community.

The first stage of the project involves interviewing local housing organizations and learning about their projects, challenges and successes. All of this information, including an  inventory of affordable housing units in the community, will be shared on this website.

In addition to highlighting local housing initiatives, the team will also share material recently published in the Sunshine Coast Housing Needs report, stories from people who have been impacted by the housing crisis, as well as helpful links, articles, and inspiring stories from other communities facing similar challenges.

As we address the complex nature of this issue – we know it will take many minds, hands, and hearts to build a solution.


Deer Crossing The Art Farm is an organization that fosters creative community building through diverse programming. This is the second year they have participated in the BC Government’s Jobs Creation Partnership program, which funds full-time positions and supporting staff specifically for this initiative.  Cover the Coast team members includes Nicole Davies, Aaron Fitzpatrick, Chloe Langmaid, Kelly Foley, and Silas White (from Impact Resolutions) .

The Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society (SCAHS) develops and operates a range of affordable, quality housing options for Sunshine Coast residents. Currently they have two sites in the works: a three unit development on Franklin Road in Gibsons Landing; and a mixed-use development on Shaw Road in Upper Gibsons.  SCAHS Board Member, Sandy McBride, is a actively participating in the Cover the Coast initiative.

Cover The Coast is a product of the Smart Farm Affordable Housing Job Creation Partnership.